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Everyone feels better when they eat more plants!  Our menu is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and is friendly for those on a Whole 30 or Paleo diet. We use nutrient-dense, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients, and make sustainable decisions when it comes to all aspects of our operations.

Curcuma started as a personal journey for  chef and owner Rachel Musquiz, who experienced drastic changes as she became connected to where her food came from and embraced a plant-based lifestyle. Turmeric was the gateway herb to understanding how quickly the body adapts when you fuel it with the right ingredients. Every menu item utilizes superfoods and adaptogens as functional ingredients to maximize the potential of our bodies.

Our tag line “Food with Intention” represents a commitment to choosing the best option on sourcing ingredients, and crafting each menu item. With a balance of flavors and health benefits, every sip and bite is not only delicious but also nourishing and consciously sourced. We make decisions on sourcing based on how we can best support local purveyors, organic farmers, and environmentally conscious companies. We avoid all preservatives and processed foods, making every element from scratch including coconut milk in the Golden Mylk, cashew milk in the Sexy Joe. (no fake meats served here!)


It is our intention to connect people to:

REAL FOOD Food that is fresh, organic, unprocessed, with natural or no preservatives. 

YOUR HEALTH Using ancient healing traditions and plant-based ingredients, our menu supports your body's ability to feel radiant & resilient against harmful toxins, pollutants, and diseases.

COMMUNITY Knowing exactly where your food comes from fosters a relationship between you, the people you share your meals with, and those who made the meal possible.

ENVIRONMENT Eliminating animal products from your diet and purchasing food locally, reduces your share of carbon footprint, water consumption, and ecosystem destruction.